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Community Resources

adults and teens talking in the library with stack of books next to them

There are several community resources available offering support in schools, mental health, social activities, substance abuse and much more. Many are low cost or free! ​


Boulder Valley School District (BVSD) Support

BVSD Family Supports (food, academics, transportation, health, child care, translation, etc.)


Mental Health Resources

List of mental health support

Video: Supporting the Mental Health of Our Youth

Video: Apoyando la Salud Mental de Nuestros Jóvenes


Restorative Justice

Restorative justice provides an opportunity for individuals to learn about and repair harm from impact without formal involvement in the criminal justice system. Learn more by viewing the following videos:
What is Restorative Justice

The Restorative Justice Process

The benefits of Restorative Justice

Why is Restorative Justice Important?

Why is Restorative Justice important in schools?

Benefits of using Restorative Justice in schools

Why Restorative Justice is important for schools and the community

How Police Departments use Restorative Justice

How Longmont Community Justice Partnership uses Restorative Justice

Restorative Justice - Changing a culture and learning from our mistakes

Restorative Justice is looking at the whole person

How Restorative Justice can be successful

Using Restorative Justice in every day life

An example of Restorative Justice around the Lafayette Pool

Using Restorative Justice for youth instead of filing charges

Life lessons learned when using Restorative Justice

Using Restorative Justice to be accountable for your actions and a better member of a community

Social Activities

Boulder County Youth Calendar


Substance Use

List of substance use support



Free Ride Lafayette (a free, on-demand, door-to-door bus service)

RTD's Zero Fare for Youth 
Beginning September 1, 2023 RTD’s year-long Zero Fare for Youth pilot will begin, providing no-cost transit for youth (19 years and younger).


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