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Teen girls at a table working on a craft


Areas of Focus



Over the past several years, the Lafayette CTC Community Board has worked to identify the risk and protective factors that Lafayette youth are exposed to in the community.


Lafayette CTC focuses on reducing community norms favorable towards substance use and works towards increasing youth opportunities for pro-social involvement while addressing the communities needs including:  

  • mental health

  • youth spaces

  • restorative justice

  • economic opportunity

  • policy


These main areas will help us holistically make sure that Lafayette is an inclusive, restorative, equitable, healthy, and vibrant place to live for families of all walks of life. 


Together, We Can Create a Healthy Community  


We understand that the conditions in which people are born, live, grow and play affect their health. The Lafayette Communities That Care Coalition is committed to creating a healthy city with community involvement by: 

  • leveraging existing local expertise by including partner agencies 

  • empowering youth and community to generate data 

  • bolstering an active Community Board 

  • addressing the social context in which drug use occurs 

  • supporting positive youth development 

Lafayette Youth Protective Measures

  • Community opportunities for prosocial involvement and connection

Lafayette Youth Risk Factors​

  • Community norms favorable towards substance use 

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